Destiny: do we create it and can we affect it?

Destiny: do we create it and can we affect it?

Human destiny has always been one of main objects of interest of human perception, thought or meditation. Destiny was dealt with by philosophers, scientists and artists weho defined it in numer of different ways: ranging from the idea about its invariance to the idea about its general non-existence. Human experiences however tend to believe that destiny does exist-but primarily as a consequence of human emotions, thoughts and actions. Destiny is our creation, not a passive force or enforced frame of our actions. Destiny can be defined as an influence of life circumstances on a person as well as person’s reaction to these circumstances. Going from this, we can say that there are no circumstances that we didn’t create ourselves, i.e. that we draw circumstances into our life by certain actions we do. Destiny thus reflects our actions and choices, it is a set of impacts of our karma (mistakes we did in past), our dharma (tasks and lessons we have chosen to learn) and new experiences we want to live out.

Human consciousness and subconsciousness affects destiny

We have to understand that our life circumstances are affected by our entire past as well as our past incarnations and choices we made in our soul. These are things that ordinary human being doesn’t feel consciously, but it still means that we can’t speak of destiny as of passive force. Still, for people who don’t consciously deal with creation of their destiny, their destiny WILL be passive force, i.e. frame that can hardly be changed or affected.

Ability to create our own life is one of human great potentials. Human being is created to be a creater and to form his own life circumstances. When it wouldn’t be like that, then none of human great achievements wouldn’t have happened-no matter if we are speaking about art, science or spirituality.“We can do anything when we set our mind to it.“ says great folk wisdom. Range of such potential is magnificent: it is complete control over all elements of our universe-over space, time, energy and matter.

Someone might ask after all these words: “Well, if we create our own destiny, how far can this go?“ Although many events in our life are obvious consequence of our decisions, it is true that many of things that happen to us might seem like reflection of „life circumstances“ and in that way might seem like complete opposite to our desires. But, we still can say that our destiny is 100% controlled by us. According to Hawaiian shamans, human has three minds: conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind (Uhane or Lono, Unihipili or Ku, and Aumakaua or Kane).

Some creations of destiny come from our conscious mind and it is obvious to us why do certain events happen-because we have consciously created them, worked on their achievement, and they happened. But, or subconsciousness and our superconsciousness also work on our goals.

Subconscious part of our mind has a great effect on our destiny

And since conscious mind is (at best!) only 10% of our entireness, this is how much it will affect our life circumstances and our destiny. This is why so many events in our life seem like “destiny“, out of our control, although they basically are not-they have been created by aspects of our being that we curently are not in contact with, i.e. subconscious contents that also want to realize in our life. It is without a doubt that content of subconscious mind reflects in concrete, material reality. According to basic principles of creation, human being creates his own reality. How does that happen? It happens in actions that reflect content of his conscious mind, but also due to his emotions and thoughts based in his subconscious and superconscious mind.

According to the law of attraction, content of our mind acts like a magnet that automatically draws same outer reality, what makes it impossible to avoid consequences of this principle, as much as we try to supress unconscious content deeper into our subconscious mind. Once again: according to the law of attraction, we draw into our life what we want, what we consciously create (want), but also everything that we subconsciously want. Our subconsciousness is a storage of experiences we can’t deal with right now: supressed trauma, inherited models of thought and behavior, as well as unpleasant content of consciousness we want to forget. But when we place such content in subconsciousness, it only gets in force. It seems as it doesn’t exist, but in reality it is there and can’t be erased.



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