Low vs High Resolution

You may ask “Why would I create a low resolution picture?”. Well you’re not alone.

Low resolution is the normal resolution for online, due to a lot of web graphics and online photos are normally created at 72dpi because doing so can make file sizes more compact, for that reason websites loads faster. This is also why images on the internet cannot be printed and be expected to look good. They’ve more or less been degraded in order to make them a decent size for the internet.

Downloading and/or viewing a single high resolution image on a website it would take 5 plus minutes depending on the server and internet connection because the file size(s) would be HUGE. Higher resolutions will contain more detail than lower.

High resolution (300dpi) is used for print publications or commercial printing. 300dpi resolution is when photos are usually distinct, lustrous and detailed.

One exception is newspapers, due to the fact that they are in black and white, so they can be a lower resolution than color photos.

Here’ basic lightroom export photo workflow:

1.    Select the photo to export then either right click then select Export > Export or click File > Export or shortcuts Shift+Cmd+e or Shift+Ctrl+e (Windows).

2.    Scroll somewhere in the middle look for Image Sizing I always select “Long Edge” – 700 pixels – Resolution 72. This is just my own preference you are free to create your own settings.

3.    After finishing all the necessary settings click on the Export Button.

After finish sizing your photo, use ImageOptim or Shrink O’Matic by Toki Woki – to optimize your images.

If you have any opinions and questions you are more than welcome to comment.

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