Westcott Ice Light is an Illuminated Wonder Technology, almost Surreal

Westcott Ice Light is an Illuminated Wonder Technology, almost Surreal

That should explain why the Westcott Ice Light is the closest to a light saber you get. The soft white LED light delivers a surreal experience in its pleasant illumination. They are best at several uses, including night time photography, and for clicking portrait images. The heatless light ensures you can take it as close to the subject as you wish without any discomfort or risk of damage. It is lightweight (1.3 lb), durable, and you can conveniently set it up on a mount.

Convenient and powerful

The dimmable light (1.5 W to 15 W range) allows you to calibrate your Westcott Ice Light experience (and save on battery). The Lithium ion 7.4 V battery takes 2.5 hr to charge up fully and can hold on to the optimum illumination for a 1 hour stretch. You can also charge it with a cable to the switchboard (100-240 V AC).   The soft daylight simulation sports a wide 72.6° beam angle, which is almost 50% broader than other LED competitors have.


A fascinating experience

The super cool accessories make it a great tool. Westcott Ice Light accessories include mini tripods, tilter brackets, and gel clips (to experiment with colors). The company also provides a neat carry case complete with shoulder and belt straps. Do you want to get that feeling of going around with a light saber hanging from your waist? Get the ice light and feel the illuminated glory! The imaginary wizards can also think it as a wand or something! In any way, it is also a great tool for meeting diverse professional requirements.

Of course, you get a battery charger and a power cord with the product. The manufacturers also have a limited 1-year warranty system running. The 150 W Tungsten equivalent light product delivers 50,000 LED hours in the Westcott Ice Light.

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