Why Nikon D800 are Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift

Why  Nikon D800  are Scarier than  Dating Taylor Swift

The name of Nikon is one which has stood the test of time when it comes to cameras. Now they are considered one of the top brands in terms of DSLR cameras, with their innovative style and excellent technology to help create the best photos out there. Nikon is one of the most preferred brands even in professional photographers whether it is for nature photography, event photography, or simple street photography. Their SLR models have been the industry standard for many years now, even outselling major competitors like Canon and some other major camera brands. One of their latest models, the Nikon D800 , is in fact one of the best selling SLR units in the market these days. Even though it has been quite some time now since it was first released in the market, the Nikon D800 is still a top choice for professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists alike.

Just what is it about the Nikon D800 that makes is a popular choice? Let us take a look at the basic specs of this camera first so we can all understand what it has to offer:

Basic features:
Resolution: 36.3 megapixels
Viewfinder: Optical/LCD
ISO: 50 to 25600
Shutter: 30-1/8000
Sensor size: 35 mm
Movie Format: 1080p @ 30 fps with uncompressed HDMI output and audio monitoring options
Screen size: 3.2 inches, 921,000 dot LCD with anti-fog layer
Capture mode: 15.3MP DX-format
Crop mode: 25MP 1.2x

Some other notable features:
– A 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors
– Up to 4fps continuous shooting in FX mode
– Advanced Scene Recognition System of up to 91,000 pixel metering
– Includes Expeed 3′ Image Processing
– Dual-axis Virtual Horizon on the LCD screen/viewfinder

As you can see from the above specs, it is already superior in terms of the pixels and also the ISO and shutter speeds. However, the big catch about this camera is that it is now HD movie format ready. This is the big change that most photographers have been expecting for a long time, and now they finally got it in the Nikon D800 . Usually, SLR cameras are focused simply on pictures, and though it does have movie capture function, it is very limited in terms of size format and minutes in video recording time. But not with the D800, this is almost similar to a video recorder in that it allows HD video capturing and you can record for longer time frames as long as your battery holds out. The D800 can now be used to record videos faster and easier, and it doubles up as an SLR camera too. This is the reason why it has become a really popular choice among even the starters in photography and videography, since it allows them the best of both worlds.

One other aspect that people love about the Nikon D800 is the image quality. Nikon has always been known for fine quality in their images, but the D800 is a step ahead further than its predecessors starting of course with the 36 megapixel capacity. That in itself gives shooters a chance to take fine images without any chance to lose out on colors and contrast. And combined with varying adjustable shutter speeds, you can shoot just about at any environment, any weather, and any lighting available and still get that crisp clear image you would love. Some reviews say that the D800 is Nikon’s public appealing camera compared to the more professional D4 or its predecessor, the D700. Most of the features put in the D800 can be said to be much more appealing to the wider scope of camera users, and also for the video users too. But to note, the D800 has more advanced capabilities and features not only limited to its video capabilities. You can see from the spec list above that the ISO range is significantly greater, and the sensor is really boasting a very high 36 MP level, which is one of the highest for any DLSR cameras around as even the last model Nikon released before this was stuck at only 12 MP.

All in all, you will really see the broad appeal that Nikon D800 has over its competition. Sure there are some things they have not adjusted like the speed at 4fps and many other functions, but the general consensus is that these things have very minimal effect on the overall performance of this SLR camera. There are even reviews that tell that even wedding and event photographers started using this camera because overall, they are not concerned with some of the low specs since they know how to adjust other factors of the camera itself to come out with the best shots possible. And with the video capability in place too, it somehow gives them the flexibility to switch at anytime they want from photo to videos too.

In terms of cost, the D800 is a cheaper prospect as compared to the popular D4 series of Nikon, another factor why the amateur and the starters prefer to buy this. Though most of them are initially attracted mainly because of the 36 megapixel capability, in time they discover the true worth of the other capabilities of this SLR camera.

So in a summary, as compared to most other DSLR cameras from Nikon, this D800 is currently one of the more popular models, thanks to its 36 MP jump from the usual 12 MP. With upgraded features, especially the movie capability, it is a really fun camera which both amateur and professional shooters will love to use for any kind of situation, place, or event.  Nikon has truly upped its ante with regards to DSLR cameras with the Nikon D800. Its advanced features and flexible options will be something that will sell for a long time even with newer and better models coming out. You can say that this is truly the public’s DSLR camera these days, and it will be hard to take it off its place, even for Nikon’s own SLRs in the near future.


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